I believe that abstract painting is like poetry, a form of visual language that speaks to the viewer’s emotions and imagination. I explore the abstract form by considering the fundamentals of design, such as hard-soft, encompass and enclose, discontinuity, focus point, direction, repeat, covering, movement, blocking, overlap, association, weaving, flowing and rhythm, to create meaning and expression.

My work is inspired by the awe I feel for exquisite patterns and rhythms juxtaposed with a randomness that only nature can create. I strive to capture these elements and use them as a starting point, expressing aesthetics beyond the subject matter that inspired me in the first instance. 


Green borwn and white abstract painting
100x80cm – Pastel on Canvas. 119x94cm – framed

1st Prize 2022 Big Art Award – Royal Qld Art Society

Ochrescence depicts the organic flows and forces of nature, and its effect on the surface of the land.  Curving lines flow across the canvas, forming tracks and rhythmic pathways guiding the viewer’s eye across the composition, 

Using pigments that reflect the colours of the ancient Australian soils, a balance and harmony is sought in the negative spaces between the lines: between the white ochre gathering, enveloped by the yellow, red and black ochres dispersing, like a pulsing tension.

Ochrescence expresses fluidity: a dynamic composition with a sense of movement that aims to balance an energy that is both calming and invigorating


Abstract artwork with brown background and blue stylised lakes
120x200cm – Pastel & Resin on Canvas


Aqueous depicts the life-giving force of water on our planet, as though from a satellite perspective. 

The sinuous pattern of aqua and ultramarine represents the flowing and gathering of water, filling turquoise pools that sustain life, while textures of dazzling emerald, and olive highlight the wonder and nurturing nature that water brings. The painting’s shades of ochre represent the earth, which is carved and smoothed by water. 

The contrast between the shiny and glass-like surfaces and the textured relief aims to add depth and space to the painting.

The design elements of connecting, gathering, branching out, and repeat are used to create a sense of harmony and balance. 


Blue and brown abstract painting
47x76cm – Pastel & Resin

Quenched evokes a sense of tranquility and peacefulness that can be triggered by the gentle patter of raindrops and the soothing sound of trickling water. 

The painting can be appreciated on a micro level as resembling sparkling rain on a shiny, glass window pane. On the macro level it represents rivers, carving paths through the sandy landscape, gathering in smooth lakes.

The design elements of coming together, repeat and contrasting textures add an element of cohesiveness to the differences and variations in shape.

Overall, Quenched, in ultramarine and aqua, aims to visually mimic nature‘s serene effect of water on our senses.